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There is a certain enrichment that comes from an engagement with the arts. Be it Fine Art, Stamps, Antiques, Vintage Cars or whatever it may be, the journey to educate and immerse yourself in that world is one that is both rewarding and exciting – and we would like to assist you in that process.

A Secondary Eye is here to help you navigate the secondary art market, with the goal of making your collecting experience more informed and more enjoyable. As secondary market art dealers, we help collectors buy and sell works by important artists from Australia and beyond, ensuring full confidentiality and discretion for each interaction. We offer a variety of services to collectors, and are able to tailor our expertise to your specific needs. Please get in touch with us to discuss what we can do for you.

Sales Presentations

We live in a visual world, and to most effectively present artworks to clients we believe it is important to do so through engaging presentations. Our sales proposals and acquisition reports are designed to tell the stories behind artworks and convey key information about an artist’s market, institutional standing and other relevant context. Here are some examples of the reports we have produced for clients.

Private Sales

If you are looking to sell an artwork from your collection, we would love to help you find a new home for it. Using our extensive network of collectors, art dealers and institutions, we have over the years already placed a large number of works in collections across Australia and overseas. Our fees in a private sale transaction are 15-20% depending on the value, which is below most other dealers in the secondary art market, and well below the 35% that is paid to auction houses during that sales process.


If you are looking for a work by a particular artist or from a specific series, we would be delighted to help you find it. We have already found the perfect artworks for a large number of clients, and we would do our best to achieve the same for you. With an extensive network we are able to find the best possible work for you.

Collection Management

After years of buying art, collectors often feel the need to take stock and assess their collection from a holistic perspective. What brings the many individual works together, and which works may no longer fit within the collection? Whether you are looking to create an inventory of your collection, or divest some of the works you might no longer have space for, we are able to help you see your collection from a bigger picture and fine-tune it by suggesting acquisitions or sales.


Guidance and a conversation on how to approach the secondary market is complimentary, and we are happy to provide you with a valuation of your artworks. If you are looking to potentially sell an artwork, it is best to discuss the value with someone who will actually be able to do so. Please send us the details of your artwork(s) using the form below, and we will get back to you with our thoughts. (Please note that we are not looking to represent any artists directly.)