Brook Andrew
This year, Linda Burney says
paper, wood, acrylic and neon
67 x 88 x 8.5 cm

Roslyn Oxley9, Sydney
Private Collection, Sydney

“The title of my show is taken from a newspaper headline “This Year, be prepared”. It suggests the unfolding of 2020 where human beings have had to rethink our own existence. Bushfires, a global pandemic, impacts of fishing and plastics, religious and political control, and the BLM/Indigenous and Trans Lives Matter movements internationally, are currently demanding deep and complex responses. Yet, like many others, I am aware that we are on repeat, as desire for fashion and commodity continue to compete with these concerns. It is what bubbles to the surface that really strikes a chord: struggles for more awareness of environmental destruction, human rights, sovereignty and the health of the planet and each other. These are not new issues, but the speed of their fruition is driving us all to new anxieties.” — Brook Andrew, 2020

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